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What’s the effect of Tier 4 and Stage IV legislation?

New, lower emission Tier 4 and Stage IV engines will have a significant impact on all future generations of off-road machines. By our estimates, between 10,000 and 15,000 different machines will need to be redesigned. In order to meet these regulations, a number of engine characteristics will be affected:

  • Engine application operating speeds and speed bands will be reduced
  • Engine power levels and torque will change
  • Systems will produce more heat

How does this affect vehicle performance?

The legislation will impact several areas, including the following:

  • Available hydraulic flow will be reduced by about 10 percent
  • Net vehicle power output will be reduced by 5-10 percent
  • Heat rejected into the environment will increase 10-15 percent
  • Available installation space around the engine will be reduced

How can Danfoss help?

We’re performing detailed research in order to find out how we can best produce more efficient, productive machines. Focusing on solutions for propel, work, control and vehicle management functions, we’re prepared to meet the challenges posed by Tier 4 and Stage IV legislation.

We are ready to be your emission solutions partner. Let’s get started together.

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H1 AC Eco Mode

H1 AC Eco Mode

Improve fuel efficiency by up to 20 percent with the new Eco Mode option for H1 Automotive Control (AC).

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Tier 4 webinar

Charles Throckmorton, Principal Applications Engineer participated in a webinar discussing Tier 4: Past, Present, and Future Technologies for Meeting Regulatory Challenges. Did you miss it?  


Global impact

Between 10,000 and 15,000 different off-road machines will have to be redesigned in order to comply with Tier 4 or Stage IV emission requirements.