At Danfoss, we deliver precise machine control – in products that are highly functional, reliable, durable and easy to install in your machines.

With a wide array of products and systems, we can equip you with traditional manually operated or hydraulic pilot controls – or the latest in electronic control. 

Flexible Valve Technology

Our valve solutions satisfy even the most complex control challenges. Our valves are designed to be flexible. The modularity of our directional control valves, variety of our cartridge valves and flexibility of our electrohydraulic products allow our valves to be used in any mobile applications.

Our expertise assures the best valve technology for the application. Any sectional valve can be combined with cartridge valves in a Hydraulic Integrated Circuit to create a “Hybrid” valve solution. This combination of valve technologies allows us to offer the best balance of functionality, performance and price.

Versatile PLUS+1® Control

Through innovation and advances in technology, the reliability of electronics in harsh environments has been proven with our PLUS+1 control network. Also, because of its versatility and expandability, development time is reduced – and you get to market faster.

Our market-leading PLUS+1 technology utilizes digital signal processing (DSP) over a CAN bus network. PLUS+1 is built around a line of rugged, powerful microcontrollers with high I/O capability and PLUS+1 Compliant components for advanced control design. Component options include graphical display terminals, sensors, and joysticks.

Using the GUIDE software development environment, you can assemble control functions in “building-blocks” to create an integrated and user-friendly control system. With PLUS+1, it’s easy to configure a system that supports hydraulic components with an electronic interface. Additional PLUS+1 advantages include the capabilities for enhanced machine safety features and easy diagnostic functions.

Through this innovative solution, you have the flexibility to build a control system that’s ideally suited for your equipment needs. Additional advantages of PLUS+1 include robust electronic components certified to industry standards, flexible and expandable architecture and, of course, precise performance of control functions.

Finally, all Danfoss electronic control systems undergo rigorous testing cycles and surpass industry standards. You get a highly integrated control solution that’s appropriate for any kind of mobile machine.

Get to the market faster

Our electronic control system gets you to market faster.


Relying on PLUS+1®  

“As the industry moves toward more sophisticated electronic control solutions in all of kinds of mobile equipment, we’re meeting those needs with advanced PLUS+1®   technology solutions.”

Tom Braun,
Systems and Applications Engineer