Piston pumps and motors

We’ll drive your vehicle transmission to a new level of performance with our piston pumps and motors. Designed for intelligent vehicle management systems, our range brings you closer to your goals for reduced fuel consumption and high operator comfort.

Trust our compact piston pumps and motors to give your transmission the power it needs with the low emissions that satisfy today’s global regulations.

We deliver components and systems for low, medium and high-power applications, including single and dual path propulsion drives and closed loop auxiliary transmissions.

Our range is PLUS+1®   Compliant for smooth, seamless integration in intelligent control systems.


Application software

Our fan drive and generic dual path subsystem application software is designed to get your vehicle up and running fast.

Automotive Control solutions

Danfoss is ready to provide the systems application expertise and technical support for you to successfully take automotive control off-road for your machines.

Solutions for emissions challenges

Danfoss has a team dedicated to help make your machines efficient and productive while meeting new emissions standards.