Telematics log the performance of Italian sweepers

  • BioStrada Industrial sweeper
  • Italian company, BioStrada, is always on the lookout for new, eco-friendly technologies for its street and industrial sweepers. Danfoss Telematics Solutions have met the company’s need for a remote monitoring system.

    Our Danfoss team made quite an impression on Italian sales partner SACE when they presented our new Danfoss Telematics Solutions in November 2014. Soon, SACE had passed on the news to their customer, BioStrada, a company in need of a remote monitoring system for their eco-friendly sweepers.

    BioStrada had a clear vision on what they expected telematics would deliver. Their expectations included:

    • Capability to remotely connect to their sweepers with the service tool to save travel costs
    • Log machine parameters for later analysis
    • Have real-time tracking and logging capabilities of the positions of its sweepers
    • Automatic job reporting to be able to plan its sweeper jobs more efficiently by knowing if a street had already been cleaned. This required a bi-directional communication of the telematics solution
    • Gasoline tank monitoring in order to detect irregular fuel consumptions. This was a specific request of one of BioStrada’s customers.
    • Enable the machines to provide the service department with data not only hourly-scheduled engine maintenance, but also with information on when specific parts needed to be serviced.
    • Reduce or eliminate the traditionally long service chain and its usual delays

    Combining our expertise on telematics and our customized, cross-functional team, Danfoss and SACE worked together to help BioStrada solve their challenges. In placing an order for Danfoss Telematics Solutions, BioStrada became one of the first European customers to take advantage of this product. We look forward to sharing more success stories in the near future.


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