From generic to specific in functional safety

  • Functional safety
  • Getting ready for a new set of machine-specific safety standards

    Increased safety demands are an ongoing challenge in the mobile machinery market, and OEMs are working hard to comply without compromising machine performance.

    OEMs are now facing the next wave of challenges. Along with the generic standards (type B) that have previously set the bar for functional safety, new machine safety standards (type C) are emerging that lay down functional safety requirements for specific types of machine. 

    One example from Europe is the European Standard EN 1459, which covers general safety requirements and verification of compliance for telehandlers. The EN 1459 standard is harmonized under the European Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC), which means that complying with this standard, gives presumption of conformity to the directive. With the latest update, EN 1459 now includes tables that state the required Performance Level (PLr) for the safety-related parts of the control system. 

    At Danfoss, we have invested a lot of time and resources in helping OEMs analyze the risks and hazards associated with their machines and identify the right solutions to make their functional safety systems best in class.

    Today, you can look to us for expert support in connection with:

    • Identifying the functional safety requirements for specific machine types
    • Designing and selecting products or solutions to fulfill functional safety requirements
    • Obtaining the relevant functional safety data

    Over the past decade, we have also developed solutions with specific functional safety characteristics. Many of them are safety certified by third-party companies – making them very easy to apply in your off-highway machines.

    Examples include:

    • H1 Automotive Control for hydrostatic transmissions
    • OSPE with PVED-CLS for electro-hydraulic steering
    • PVG32 with PVED-CX for work function control
    • PLUS+1® SC controller for safe control systems
    • PLUS+1 GUIDE® programming environment 

    A number of other components in our portfolio are available with functional safety data for easy integration in your machine’s safety functions. 


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