Steer your performance with a modular joystick

  • As a small or medium-sized manufacturer, you need to adapt joysticks to customer needs just as quickly and flexibly as a large OEM. That calls for flexible components and a lean development process.

    The new JS1-H family of heavy-duty joysticks provides you with a wide portfolio of ergonomically designed, modular components that are all fully compliant with PLUS+1® toolbox. Brought together in intelligent joystick solutions, they provide the safety, reliability and performance that ensure every job is done efficiently and well and in perfect comfort for machine operators.

    Your benefits

    • Customizable solutions
      The JS1-H base and grip options allow you to fulfill specific customer requirements for a smooth, comfortable and reliable operation. Choose from three bases and five ergonomic grip types with flexible button and switch placement. 
    • Smart compatibility
      Compatible grip and base options make joysticks simple to upgrade. Six standard electrical interfaces are available for ease of configuration.
    • Superior performance
      The JS1-H family is suitable for almost any machine that requires joystick control. PLUS+1 compliance enables simple and seamless future-oriented integration in the machine control system.
    • Faster, more flexible fulfillment times
      The JS1-H standard portfolio is readily available, enabling you to reduce your warehouse stocks without compromising your ability to fulfill the specifications of individual customers. Easy integration with PLUS+1 also secures fast and efficient development times.

    The JS1-H joystick family offers versatile solutions for heavy-duty mobile machinery such as wheel loaders, dozers, dumpers, trenchers and haulers in the construction market and pavers, graders, rollers and milling machines for road building.



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