Danfoss exhibits its innovative mobile machine solutions at Bauma Shanghai 2016 by truly digital interactive display

Worldwide mobile machine power and control system supplier Danfoss is set to participate in the Bauma China 2016 Show, in Shanghai. (Booth: N4-510, Hall 4). At Bauma China 2016, Danfoss will showcase a series of innovative and energy efficient mobile hydraulic machine solutions through a digital interactive display.

- Wednesday, 23 November 2016 By Danfoss

At Bauma China 2016, Danfoss will launch its latest products, technologies and solutions, as well as introduce the advanced digital interactive display at its booth. The use of several user touch screens integrated with the Danfoss solutions app will allow visitors to have a more intuitive understanding of Danfoss’ solutions for the material handling, construction, road construction, agricultural industries and more. Furthermore, the unique "Virtual ADC" experience will create a truly interactive experience of a Danfoss Application Development Center (ADC). Follow the Danfoss WeChat account, and send "b2016" to register for the Danfoss digital booth experience. 

In the era of “Made in China 2025,” product innovation and advancement of the construction industry are some of the major challenges faced by Danfoss and other industry leaders. These challenges also provide Danfoss with a broad strategic development opportunity in the China market. Based on extensive global application experience in the off-highway market as well as the continued development of advanced technological concepts, Danfoss continues to use "Engineering Tomorrow" as the theme of Bauma China 2016 to demonstrate its high quality products and technological innovations.

Innovative manufacturing – the latest hydraulic system solutions launched globally
Danfoss has always been committed to constant innovation, increased product development, and new technologies. As the global leader in mobile machinery, Danfoss is committed to providing the most extensive technical service and product portfolio with a full range of cutting-edge solutions applicable to the construction machinery, mining equipment, and other engineering equipment industries. To meet customers’ requirements, Danfoss is unveiling four new innovative products – the MP1, JS1-H, ECO80 and PVG256.

The Danfoss MP1 is the next evolution in closed circuit axial piston pumps for medium-power applications. Initially launched at the bauma trade fair in Germany in April, the new MP1 pump provides best-in-class modular configuration for manufacturers seeking a reliable medium-power product in an easily integrated package. The ability to easily accommodate a variety of applications coupled with greater total efficiency and expanded functionality makes the MP1 pump an ideal addition to the line of proven Danfoss pumps.

Available in 28/32 and 38/45cm³ frames, the MP1 pump is designed to help OEMs provide precise machine control for customers, while speeding up the design process and improving time to market. It also offers endless possibilities in connectivity and data capture through Danfoss Telematics Solutions. Distributors will benefit from the flexibility of the MP1 modular common pump platform, which provides the ability to adapt more quickly to changing market needs. Additionally, both OEMs and distributors will no longer need to stock a large number of product variations — the MP1 is flexible enough to fit a wide array of applications, allowing for a reduction in overhead costs.

JS1-H Heavy Duty joysticks are designed to be reliable for extreme conditions. The ergonomic design and customized position of each button, rollers and other functions enable JS1-H joysticks to provide customers with more advanced customized solutions. The JS1-H has wide range types of easy to use grips, bases and electronic outputs for different applications.

ECO80 Load Sensing (LS) directional valve
The ECO80 valve group is a load sensing directional valve based on mature PVG technology. It does not have pressure compensation allowing for increased ease in application and maintenance. ECO80 uses the modular design concept and supports mechanical control, electro hydraulic control, pneumatic control and other drive modes to provide maximum flexibility for the design and construction of the system. The ECO80 has excellent proportional control and metering performance. This results in independent output flow with lower pressure loss, improving the performance and efficiency of the entire machine, and reduces the cooling demand and fuel consumption. ECO80 targets small to medium sized applications such as truck crane, garbage trucks, loaders and agricultural equipment.

PVG256 PVG High Flow Valves
The PVG256 High Flow valve group is a load sensing valve group with a pre-valve compensator. Its system pressure is up to 350 bar and rated work flow is 400L/min. It can easily be connected with PVG 32/16 without the need for a transition plate. Also, the PVG256 offers the same high level of customization as any modular PVG valve, e.g. special spool, CAN-bus control, E-flow sharing, etc.

Optimization and upgrading – innovating efficient technology to stimulate high productivity
In order to adapt to the increased rate of technological change, the construction machinery field is gradually enhancing its high-tech capability. In such competitive environment, Danfoss has always stood with its customers to continuously improve the product function, optimize system design, and strive to influence in the most critical areas. 

The D1P is a high performance axial piston variable pump, mainly used in concrete pump, mining, and marine machinery, as well as many other fields. After the 193cc displacement in 2014 and 145cc in 2015 were released, a number of upgrades were implemented and the new 260cc displacement size will be officially released in 2016. With the same design concept of 145cc and 193cc displacement, the D1P 260cc pump is equipped with proven and optimized pistons and servo piston displacement control, providing high performance and reliability. Adopting angled bore cylinder block design improves self-priming capability, while the spherical valve plate and cylinder block surface provide stable cylinder block rotation and achieve high efficiency. The design of the integrated charge pump in the endcap of the pump allows for a higher input working speed and improves cold start capability.

Heavy equipment users are constantly pursuing better technologies for better equipment productivity and energy efficiency. Traditional mechanical torque control can only achieve a single torque of power control, while the Series 45, equipped with pressure compensation / load sensing (PC/LS) and with electronic torque limiting (ETL) control, can change torque settings in real-time according to engine speed, speed losses, engine torque demand and machine operating mode. Operators enjoy a comfortable use with lower noise and with more efficient use of engine power – all reducing both costs and engine emissions. Efficiency of the Series 45 is 22% higher than that of traditional mechanical torque control, and fuel efficiency is increased by 16%. Processing material ability of every gallon / liter of fuel can also be increased by 34%. The Series 45 open circuit pump is mainly applied to telehandlers, container trucks, truck cranes, excavators, tractors, lifts, etc.

Global technology localization - Danfoss to focus on China market and lead the new trend in engineering machinery
Since 2011, the Chinese construction machinery market has changed focus. This market is no longer all about high-scale production, but instead has started to focus more on product innovation and advancement. In the future, mechanical-electrical-hydraulic integration will continue to be promoted. Demand from the highway, railway, water conservancy areas, as well as other key areas of infrastructure, will continue to be strengthened.

“Danfoss has always been driven by innovation,” remarked Eric Alstrom, President and CEO of Danfoss Power Solutions. “To ensure that the world’s advanced products, technologies and successful application experiences can be better and faster rooted in China, we have developed localized R & D and manufacturing. Next July, our Application Development Center (ADC) test field for the Chinese and Asia-Pacific market will be put into effect and bring about new development opportunities. We will make continuous efforts in providing better products and services for China and the entire Asia Pacific region, and we will support the promotion of regional industries as well as continually upgrade green development.”

Danfoss has three ADCs worldwide; in Ames, Iowa (USA), Nordborg Denmark, and Haiyan China. These centers test and develop system solutions on a variety of applications. The ADC observes and responds to customers’ requirements, helping them meet different needs in a product or system. They also work with OEMs on joint development projects.

Next year, the ADC test field in Haiyan will be completed and begin testing. The test field covers an area of more than 40 thousand square meters, with a range of different test areas. Testing areas include; a long straight track to test high-speed performance, test areas to test vehicle working systems, an area to meet needs of mining, drilling and bulldozing machinery, a slippery track, circular runway to test fuel consumption and reliability of driving systems, and a gravel pit for vibration system testing. There will be four different material surface slopes with angles of 15, 20, 25, 30 degrees which are used to test climbing slope and traction. Danfoss plans to use the ADC test fields for improved testing, research and development.



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