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Connectivity – the catalyst for Industry 4.0
Communication is at the heart of increased productivity: Whether it's controlling machines and entire production lines, monitoring modern traffic systems, or controlling energy distribution – Connectivity makes it possible to extensively measure, analyze, and use data. Without efficient networking, it would be impossible to sustainably optimize industrial processes, off-road vehicles and machinery, supermarkets, and much more.

- Friday, 24 March 2017 By Danfoss

You will find our fair booth in Hall 14, Booth H30

In addition to the physical connection of systems as a basic prerequisite for data exchange, porting and effective utilization of collected data also take on an important role. For the user, it is less about the implementation method – that is to say, a focus on media, formats, and protocols – and more about simple, reliable and seamless operation.
It is for this very reason that Danfoss has made connectivity a central focus of its booth at the Hannover Fair 2017 and will be showing its innovative solutions from the areas of construction equipment industry, buildings, energy, and marine – all organized under four pillars:

  • Connected Systems: The physical connection of technologies allows us to achieve considerable cost savings and high flexibility.
  • Connected Intelligence: Real-time availability and comprehensive data analysis make strict control and predictability a reality.
  • Connected Responsibility: Danfoss solutions are designed for environmentally friendly performance and they contribute to the dramatic reduction of CO2 emissions.
  • Connected Innovation: Networked access to data across industries makes it possible to gather experiences and insights, and drive innovation.
They constitute the cornerstones of our application environments at the Hannover Fair 2017 and describe the journey we have undertaken together with our customers – and would like to take in the future.

For Danfoss Drives: Connectivity relates to the aspect of technology independency – a frequency converter can be integrated into any automation environment as an intelligent drive control. This ranges from simple standalone solutions for which the drive is the control, through to the high-end automation of a smart factory. For cloud-based data traffic as well as local processing. Here, connected innovation serves to improve a factory's processes and enhance energy efficiency.

For Danfoss Heating: People can control the temperature of their individual living spaces wirelessly with a smartphone, with the Danfoss link achieving the desired temperature and greeting you with a cozy home when you return from work. This increases comfort and saves energy. Actuators receive their commands from the building management system (BMS) in real time, and remote heating stations are integrated seamlessly into the top-level systems. Connected Responsibility saves energy and even enhances comfort in the process.

For Danfoss Cooling: The refrigerated counter communicates with the AC drive of the cooling compressor, which feeds its waste heat into the remote heating network. At the same time, refrigerated warehouses serve as an energy cache for renewable energies. Connected Intelligence and the smart use of the data obtained are what make these new, efficient systems possible.

For Danfoss Power Solutions: Faster to market, cost effectively and with an optimized machine – this is the offer from Power Solutions. Seamlessly connecting modern hydraulics with intelligent electronic data transmission systems, we make work processes faster, simpler, more reliable, more precise, and with less risk. Wireless data transmission open the door for remote monitoring, malfunction management, and overall optimization of machinery – and all made possible by Connected Systems.

Connectivity is the backbone of any Industry 4.0 solution, whether it's for industry, infrastructure, or private usage. For all of these concepts, the concrete usage of the consumer and the shared journey to find a customized solution are the focal points. The motto is: thinking connectivity – beyond the machine.

Find out more at the Hannover Fair in Hall 14, Booth H30.



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