• Remanufacturing
  • It’s as good as new. Our stringent, state-of-the-art remanufacturing practices mean that you receive a product that absolutely meets – or even exceeds – original OEM specifications.

    OEMs and end-users are learning that reman products result in lower total cost of ownership and improved machine uptime. In fact, remanufacturing in our industry has increased by more than 50% in the U.S. in the past several years. Our machining and assembly operations in our Ames, Iowa facility result in shorter lead times than that of new product.


  • Why Reman?
    Every major player in our industry knows that remanufacturing is a benefit to everyone in the product lifecycle – from component suppliers, manufacturers, even the environment. In fact, a major OEM may have as many as 20 remanufacturing centers throughout the globe.

    End-users can manage input costs, lower total ownership costs, and extend the life of their machines. And with core incentives, fleet owners can save up to 35% on a remanufactured product versus new.

    What’s the difference?
    A remanufactured product is not a repaired product. Our remanufacturing processes are done on an industrial scale, with quality processes in a professional, factory environment. Our remanufactured products are tested to the very same standard as our new products, and have an 18-month standard warranty from the date of manufacture.

    Remanufacturing at Danfoss
    Our advanced, hi-tech remanufacturing processes include many steps with highly skilled operators, including:

    • Contamination testing
    • Soda blasting
    • Laser and micrometer inspection
    • Innovative recovery technology
    • Onsite CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine)
    • Tool gauging and repair
    • Expert assembly
    • Qualification via test stand


  • Legacy brands we support

    Danfoss Fluid Power





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