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  • Operators get a real feel for control with our wide range of joysticks. Endless configuration possibilities and ergonomic designs enable smooth and comfortable operation of your light or heavy-duty vehicles.
    Intelligent mobile control
    Single- and dual-axis configurations, multiple mechanical and electrical interface options: our joysticks are as versatile as they come. A complete range of modular PLUS+1® Compliant joysticks support our intelligent mobile control solutions.
    Joystick bases
    Select the joystick base for your application, and we will customize it to your needs. The possibilities include detents, friction locks, redundant outputs and switch functions. Hall effect and potentiometric sensing technologies are available.
    Joystick grips
    Match the base with one of our joystick grips. Or let us help you develop a customized grip if your needs are unique.


  • Key characteristics


    •  Long life potentiometric sensing
    • Independent direction switch signals
    • Single axis
    • IP 66 environmental sealing above panel


    • Contactless hall effect sensing
    • Single or dual axis
    • Outputs:
      • Analog
      • CAN (J1939, CANopen)
    • Up to IP66/67 environmental sealing above & below panel
    • Grip Options
      • Ball Grip
      • Grip with Rocker Switch
      • Grip with Banana Switch
      • PRO Grip


    • Contactless hall effect sensing
    • Redundant sensors
    • Single and dual axis
    • IP 65 environmental sealing above panel
    • Multiple grip options, including Z-axis twist


    • Contactless hall effect or long-life potentiometric sensing
    • Redundant sensors
    • Single or dual axis
    • Outputs:
      •  Analog
      • CAN (J1939, CANopen)
      • CAN+ (J1939)
      • PWM (High Current)
    • Up to IP66/67 environmental sealing above panel & IP66 below panel
    • Grip options:
      • A-grip
      • MG grip 


    • Rugged design
    • >15 million cycle operating life
    • Ergonomic left hand and right hand grip
    • Non-contact, redundant hall effect sensors on X and Y axis
    • Up to 7 push-button switches plus a trigger switch
    • Serviceable for reduced downtime
    • ±20° travel or ±25°
    • Outputs:
      • CAN (J1939, CAN open) with separate Analog
      • Analog


    • One or two potentiometer sensors
    • Single axis
    • Shaft movement options:
      • Spring return, and with one spring force
      • Friction hold with adjustment
    • Environmental protection:
      • Tested to NEMA 4 (IP 65)
    • Electrical connection:
      • Terminal strip (standard configuration)
      • Wiring harness (pigtail) with optional connector
    • Grip options:
      • Ball
      • Center lock
      • Push-button
      • Rocker switch


    • Ergonomic ProGrip
    • Direct control of PVE-based valves
    • Built-in switch for external equipment
    • Up to 8 on/off functions


    • IP 65 environmental sealing above panel
    • Built-in switch for external equipment
    • Direct control of PVE-based valves


    • Fingertip control
    • Small dimensions
    • Low weight
    • Built-in flow regulation


    • IP 54 environmental sealing above panel
    • Direct control of PVE-based valves


    • IP 54 environmental sealing above panel
    • Direct control of PVE-based valves
    • Single or dual axis
    • On/off rocker switch
    • Up to 3 proportional outputs

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