PLUS+1® accessories

  • Our accessories help you on your way to efficient PLUS+1® programming.


  • PLUS+1 application development starter kit

    Our PLUS+1 application starter kit is the easiest way to start developing intelligent PLUS+1 control systems for your application. Enjoy the freedom of developing and testing complete PLUS+1 designs and prototypes.

    The PLUS+1 kit includes

    • MC024-010 PLUS+1 microcontroller
    • CAN/USB gateway
    • 28-day PLUS+1 GUIDE software license
    • Test and development wiring harness with international power supply


    Features & benefits

    • Complete tools for application development, compilation and download to a MCO24-010 microcontroller.
    • Facilities for creating service and diagnostic tools.
    • Wiring harness with switches, potentiometers and incandescent light bulbs for application simulation using I/O hardware.


    CG150 CAN/USB gateway interface communicator

    Application programs are quick to download to the PLUS+1 CAN network via our compact and cost-effective communicator.

    And application tuning parameters can be uploaded and downloaded.
    Serving as the gateway interface between PLUS+1 modules on the CAN network and a computer USB port, the CG150 is compatible with Bosch CAN standard 2.0 A & B (standard and extended data frames) and USB standard 1.1 & 2.0.

    Features & benefits

    • Equipped with a 110cm (44in) USB cable and a 30cm (12in) CAN cable.
    • Interfaces the CAN bus with a 9-pin D-SUB connector.
    • Plug and Perform® installation.
    • Works with the CanKing CAN bus monitor.


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