Series 45 Open Circuit Axial Piston Pumps

  • Series 45 Family
  • Efficient, integrated solutions for all your system function needs

    Series 45 offers a full line of displacements, controls, pressures and configurations that have been engineered to fit your multiple application needs. By utilizing proven, common components; the expertise of our system and applications engineers; and existing production sources for Series 45, Danfoss offers rapid prototyping and off -the-shelf solutions. These options allow you to reduce your time to market and provide a more competitive, reliable product to your customers.

    With the Danfoss PLUS+1® GUIDE programming environment and our Series 45 open circuit axial piston pumps, you can develop customized controls faster than ever while reducing the cost and development time normally associated with programming — ultimately resulting in faster time to market. PLUS+1 is the recommended way to higher performance, longer service life and lower costs. Our pumps are also designed to work seamlessly with PVG valves, which provide electronic control, load-sensing and a flexible, modular design — assuring optimum performance.

    The new K2 frame – the best combination of package size and weight on the market. With an optimized package, the K2 frame responds to customer needs by significantly reducing pump weight and package size, while improving performance with increased rated pressure and higher-rated speed capabilities. The result is the best combination of package size and weight on the market.

    The redesigned K2 offers numerous improvements:
    • Reduced length up to 20% and reduced weight up to 10%
    • Overall weight reduction up to 30%
    • Greater efficiency with fan drive control
    • Improved overall sound level
    • Common Series 45 control options

    Series 45 pumps are available in three additional frame sizes featuring a displacement range from 25-147cc.

    Fan drive control (FDC): best in the industry for weight, package and serviceability. The lower minimum system pressures allowed by the fan drive control results in slower minimum fan speeds, which improves fan drive system efficiency and offers benefits for low cooling requirement conditions. An optimized design makes Danfoss fan drive control the best in the industry for weight, package and serviceability.

    Electronic Torque Limiting (ETL) control: By using technology to maximize pressure within the available torque curve, the Danfoss ETL control delivers these proven benefits:
    . Increases productivity up to 22% over alternative torque controls
    . Moves up to 34% more material per gallon/liter of fuel
    . Increase fuel efficiency by up to 16%
    ETL can reduce fuel consumption without any loss in productivity. The gains of running the engine at the lowest brake specific fuel consumption (BSFC) is offset by the increased flow of a larger pump that can operate without the risk of stalling an engine — something traditional torque controls cannot match.


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