OSQ steering flow amplifiers

  • Bump up the flow, boost the power – our flow amplifiers bring steering control to the biggest machines on the planet.

    Several hundred tons of solid machine is a tough steering challenge. And we can help you overcome it with the largest steering flow amplifiers on the market. Ideal for vehicles that require a steering flow of up to 400 l/min [160 US gal/min].

    Featuring an integrated steering priority valve, our OSQ flow amplifiers can be used with our OSPBX, OSPCX or OSPLX steering units.

    Features and benefits

    • Limited steering flow through the steering unit for optimal system efficiency and operator comfort.
    • Available with amplification factors of 4, 5, 8 or more, delivering high steering capacity.
    • Low pressure drop even at high flow. 

    Application opportunities
    The OSQ secures the amplified steering flow necessary for heavyweight haulers, dump trucks and articulated machines.


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