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    As the world’s population continues to grow, its needs grow with it — needs for more food and expanding infrastructure while reducing the impact to the environment. Danfoss is ready to work with you to build machines that help meet these needs, all while using less energy and resources.

    Danfoss engineers are constantly working to help advance machines like yours. From propulsion and steering, to work function and power management, Danfoss is committed to helping you improve machine performance and decrease your time to market. Whether you have a need for a specific component — or an entire system solution — you can count on Danfoss to help you address:

    Danfoss is ready to work with you to develop machines that can actually do more with less power. We can provide you a turnkey solution, or our engineers can help you design intelligent vehicle transmission systems that can simplify vehicle operation, resulting in increased operator comfort and overall productivity. This includes a full spectrum of solutions from the most simplistic single-path transmission to the most complex, multi-motor application.

    Work with Danfoss to make your machines easier to maneuver, which in turn improves operator comfort, safety, productivity and fuel efficiency. Our engineers have real-world experience with front-wheel, rear-wheel, multiple-axis, articulated, and multiple-wheel applications. We can help you develop high-performing solutions ranging from value steering units to the most advanced steer-by-wire systems.

    Work Functions

    Partner with Danfoss to improve the work function performance of your machines.
    With Danfoss, you can build machines that allow operators to work more efficiently and get more done by equipping them with precision valves and pumps, and software-customizable controls that help them decrease cycle times and increase production.

    Thermal Management
    The engines in today’s machines work hard to meet output needs — all while complying with more stringent emissions standards. Complying with these emissions standards not only adds more heat to the engine compartment, but also reduces available power for other machine functions. For both open-circuit and closed-circuit fan drive systems, Danfoss can provide you with an effective, efficient thermal management solution that reduces necessary engine compartment space while increasing available power.

    Today’s world runs on data. It’s everywhere: streaming to and from our computers, tablets and smartphones — and increasingly our cars, trucks and heavy equipment. Danfoss Telematics Solutions can help you and your customers benefit from that ever-widening data flow by simplifying which data is most important to you, and then helping you use that data to your advantage — boosting efficiency and product lifespan, minimizing downtime, reporting equipment location, use and condition — and more. From remote service and fleet management, to anti-theft and operator safety, Danfoss Telematics Solutions can provide you a real and measureable return on your investment.


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