Customized Operator Control

  • Customized operator control
  • Get the control you need to succeed

    The need for vehicle responsiveness often varies depending on operator preference, operator skill level, and application demands. Whether you're looking for a quick-to-respond, dynamic feel, or slower, more predictable controllability with extreme precision, Danfoss has the solutions to provide better control and increased operator confidence to help set your machines apart from the competition.

    Finding the right control solution for you begins with collaboration between you and the engineers at Danfoss. Once we fully understand the challenges you face, we develop and refine control parameters, then perform rigorous tests at our Application Development Centers so you can experience the controllability improvements first-hand.

    At Danfoss, we're engineering tomorrow to help you create custom machine controllability and feel that will give you a competitive advantage today.


  • Dual path/track steering

    When using dual path vehicles in off-highway applications, better, more accurate straight-line tracking control helps improve machine performance and efficiency.

  • Controllability/Precise work function control

    When working with off-highway equipment, precise and repeatable function control of a bucket, machine arm, or boom is essential for improved operator safety, comfort, and productivity.

  • Hydraulic steering solutions

    Danfoss is ready to work with you to implement the right steering solution on any of your machines, including articulated systems, four-wheel systems, and more.

  • Precision control

    Off-highway applications that utilize aerial work platforms, cranes, or machine arms require precision control.

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