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  • Danfoss Telematics Solutions
  • Simplifying data and turning it into profit

    As technology continues to connect our world, the flow of data becomes more and more integrated into our everyday lives. The off-highway, heavy equipment industry is no exception. Your customers need data to make informed business decisions. Danfoss Telematics Solutions helps them simplify which data they need, and how to use it, to boost efficiency and product lifespan, minimize downtime, report equipment location, use and condition — and more.

    Danfoss Telematics Solutions are easily integrated into OEM processes without the need for specific programming knowledge, saving you time and money. When integrating with the Danfoss PLUS+1® service tool, retrofitting existing equipment is equally seamless — as easy as replacing a cable.

    Regardless of the application, Danfoss Telematics Solutions have been engineered to provide you and your customers with flexible, robust systems that not only meet today’s needs, but also allow for future expandability. It’s a level of customization and performance that simply isn’t available from other telematics products — one that allows you to provide your customers with real, business-changing advantages that lead to stronger partnerships and higher profits.

    Danfoss Telematics Solutions are as flexible as you need them to be, so they can fit virtually any business requirement. If it’s a critical function that needs to be monitored or controlled, Danfoss offers an easily integrated technology option that does the job. From anti-theft and operator safety, to fleet and efficiency management, Danfoss Telematics Solutions can help turn data into results.


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