Machine performance

  • Machine performance
  • The performance to gain both productivity and efficiency

    Taking your machine to the next level has become more challenging with new emissions regulations forcing a series of engine design changes. Engines are now larger, leaving less room for the hydraulic components that distribute power to the propel and work functions. They also have a tendency to run hotter, and that means spending more valuable energy on cooling.

    Danfoss is continually developing and testing system solutions designed to make your machines operate more efficiently, increase productivity and improve performance. Boost your machine performance and productivity with solutions from Danfoss that are engineering tomorrow.


  • Track stall and anti-stall

    Preventing stall in dual path vehicles requires the management of engine power in parallel with ground speed requirements, to optimize vehicle performance.

  • Hydraulic steering solutions

    Danfoss is ready to work with you to implement the right steering solution on any of your machines, including articulated systems, four-wheel systems, and more.

  • Uphill gravel grade traction control

    In off-highway applications, terrain conditions are oftentimes unpredictable … but machine performance doesn’t have to be.

  • Anti-stall

    Many applications, from construction to agriculture, require working on steep grades. In these situations, preventing the vehicle engine from stalling while maintaining maximum power plays an important role in optimizing machine performance and productivity.

  • Thermal management

    Danfoss is ready to work with you to implement a hydraulic fan-drive cooling system solution for your machines — using innovative technology like our new Reverse Displacement Motor with integrated shift valve.

  • Work functions

    Through intelligent systems design, Danfoss helps you build safer, more fuel-efficient machines that offer precise control, helping operators maximize their productivity.

  • Controlled braking

    As off-highway vehicle travel speeds continue to increase it is essential for braking technology to keep pace.

  • Traction control (anti-slip)

    When a vehicle’s wheels are moving along different types of surfaces, proper traction control technologies help manage wheel speed, and keep the machine from slipping — optimizing operator safety and machine performance.

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