Support and training

  • Just getting started with Danfoss Telematics Solutions or an experienced user? We can provide you with all the support and training you need. 

    For individual technical support, contact us

    In North America: +1-515-956-5260 or +1-763-509-2084
    In Europe: +49-4321-871-103 or +46-476-569-06

    Or send an email to: Helpdesk (

    If you are a customer of one of our US distributors, please direct contact your local distributor.

    Certified training
    Certification is given to those who have demonstrated proficiency in the use of Danfoss Telematics Solutions and does not imply certification in application development.

    Fundamentals of Danfoss Telematics Solution training (p/n: 11172418)
    The training focuses on providing the right skills to use Danfoss Telematics Solutions. This is a hands on instructor led learning experience. On completion of the training course participants will be able to configure and WS devices,  WS tools as well as getting know of the basic use of the DTS web portal.

    Learning goals

    • Get an understanding of the Danfoss Telematics Solutions products and tools.
    • See a live demonstration of the Danfoss Telematics Solutions.
    • Get an understanding on how to implement the WS products in customer applications.
    • Get an understanding of the value of Telematics and how machine information can be used to offer more services and additional business.
    The content of the training course is
    • Introduction of Danfoss Telematics Solutions and WS products
    • How to set-up DTS
    • Difference between the ‘Real Time’ and ‘Data Logging’ modes
    • WS System Tools
    • DTS web portal
    • PLUS+1 Service Tool remote functionalities 
    • WS PLUS+1 Function Block
    • How to log CAN Bus information
    • DTS web services overview
    • WS default configurations
    • WS use cases: practical examples



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