• Danfoss Telematics Solutions WS103
  • An ideal choice when Wi-Fi connectivity is a must, but onboard data storage isn’t required. A machine equipped with the WS103 Telematics Solution can wirelessly exchange CAN data with other nearby WS103-equipped machines, through a Wi-Fi network, or with a nearby laptop running PLUS+1® service tool software — and built-in Bluetooth hardware supports even more connectivity options that are coming soon.

    Remote data exchanges are possible, too: a WS103-equipped machine can wirelessly connect to another machine that’s equipped with both a WS103 and a WS403/503 device — and exchange data using the WS403/503’s cellular or satellite connection.

    • Eliminates the need for breakage-prone, expensive-to-replace cables
    • Helps coordinate movement between two machines that are working together
    • Makes servicing faster and more convenient.



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