Machine performance

  • Machine controllability and feel

    Needs for vehicle responsiveness often vary based on several factors including operator preference, operator skill level, and application demands.

  • Constant vehicle speed

    In some agricultural and construction applications — such as spraying, material handling, grading, and paving — maintaining constant vehicle speed is important, regardless of changes in the terrain or surrounding environment.

  • Automotive Control

    Automotive control technologies are going to work off road, thanks to Danfoss expertise and our extensive portfolio of propel system solutions.

  • Work Cycle Efficiency

    Work cycle efficiency is important for machine owners, operators, and OEMs alike. For owners, it can mean fuel and maintenance cost savings.

  • Power hop

    Power Hop is a common vehicle instability issue that can result in severe, even damaging, vehicle bounce or pitch. It’s especially common on four-wheel drive and mechanical front-wheel drive vehicles used for agricultural applications, such as tractors and sprayers.

  • Work cycle productivity

    The ability to get more work done per hour each day — whether it’s moving more yards of dirt or rocks, or breaking more yards of asphalt — helps an operation be more efficient and profitable.

  • Stress relief: Tractor operation

    Operating a tractor day after day for long hours can be demanding for the operator. As an OEM, you need to provide your customers with solutions that keep operators productive, while limiting their stress and potential for inaccuracies.

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