Power management

  • Torque split

    When working on a grade, engine power must be distributed differently based on many factors — type of vehicle … whether the vehicle is moving uphill or downhill … and whether or not the vehicle has a full load.

  • Track Stall / Anti-Stall

    Dual path vehicles can experience stalling for a variety of reasons. It can occur when too much power is distributed to one side, or when the machine encounters uneven terrain, such as one track climbing over a large rock or obstacle.

  • Power management

    Inefficient engine torque control can reduce fuel efficiency, productivity, and overall machine performance. Learn how Danfoss is maximizing pressure within the available engine torque curve with the use of Electronic Torque Limiting (ETL) control.

  • Best Point Control in action

    Watch BPC in action at the Danfoss Application Development Center in Nordborg, Denmark.

  • Anti-stall

    Many applications, from construction to agriculture, require working on steep grades. In these situations, preventing the vehicle engine from stalling while maintaining maximum power plays an important role in optimizing machine performance and productivity.

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