Solution testing

  • Stationary application testing

    Your off-highway machines undergo rigorous development testing for each of the wide variety of work functions they perform. These tests validate each attachment, implement, or solution your customers depend on.

  • Benchmark and standardized testing

    To meet the wide variety of challenges and needs your customers face, you design the most competitive, high performing off-highway vehicles possible. Standardized testing, measurement and comparison of your vehicle and its functions is critical to this goal.

  • Standstill / Low-speed testing

    Optimized machine performance depends on different features for low speed and standstill operation — taking factors such as traction effort, steering demand, and operator comfort into account, for example.

  • Homologation testing

    It’s critical for your off-highway vehicles to meet necessary regulatory standards and specifications — so your customers can be assured of safe, efficient machines that perform as they should under a wide variety of conditions.

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